Welcome to the G&A MEDIATOR REFERRAL SERVICE for family law mediators in Canada and the United States of America. This is a FREE public service. Before you can obtain this assistance, we require that you read the information below and acknowledge your understanding and consent to the Terms Of Service.

If you are seeking a family law mediator to assist you with a dispute, we can help.

There are no fees for you to use this Mediator Referral Service.You will be provided with the names and contact information of mediators registered with the service within your specific county. This information will be sent directly to the individual requesting this information through an email or after a consultation to better identify your needs for this referral.

Every Mediator registered with the G&A MEDIATOR REFERRAL SERVICE has competency and continuing education training in parent child relational problems, some have expertise in the dynamics of parental alienation.

All of the family law mediators registered with this service have access to Online Conferences that provide every mediator with continuing education in parental alienation. Also, these continuing education conferences are provided to mediators at no cost. Our continuing education is also offered free to the public, if anyone has a concern or interest in understanding the dynamics of alienation and how to address the problem.

G&A and this Mediator Referral Service has made no comprehensive evaluations about any of the registered Family Law Mediators nor their abilities to assist prospective clients with their family law dispute.

Before you retain the services of any family law mediator registered with the G&A Mediator Referral Service, or for that matter, any other Mediator Referral Service, you the prospective client must interview the mediator, and make whatever investigations you feel are appropriate, to become fully informed about the qualifications and abilities of the mediator to adequately handle your family law dispute.

The prospective client and the family law mediator registered with the Mediator Referral Service, both agree that G&A and its representatives, shall not be held responsible for any manner, in which the referred mediator may handle the prospective client's legal matters.

The G&A Mediator Referral Service makes no warranties or representations regarding the mediators ability to handle the prospective clients family law dispute and the decision to employ / retain the mediator is solely that of the prospective client, and subject to the mediators willingness to accept the prospective client's employment.

Before using the G&A Mediator Referral Service, I agree to the Terms of Service above and acknowledge that I fully understand the meaning of the G&A DISCLAIMER. Any part of the Disclaimer not understood must be taken under advisement. My failure to do so contitutes a breach by the user of the Terms of Service.

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