For Clients With Lawyers
Every client we work with presents us with a set of problems or concerns that we view as unique. Although the structure of these problems have similarities (e,g, Access interference; Joint legal custody conflicts; disputes in providing medical or educational information; false allegations of abuse; etc.) what matters most is understanding each client's case from its roots.

We start with a free consultation.
During the course of the consult we discuss issues that help us to understand the ruptured relational problems within the family. We go into questions that enable us to think ahead towards key strategies for therapeutic and or legal intervention. We end every consult with an opinion as to whether or not we can help; and if so, in what specific ways we can be of service.

Many clients that contact us for help already have a lawyer servicing their file. Some clients feel disenchanted with their lawyer, others are ambivalent about their effectiveness. Others believe a lawyer inexperienced in parental alienation cases will need us to provide them with the expertise they need for litigation support.

We explain to every prospective client the need for a lawyer to work with a parental alienation consultant and the great disadvantage of not having one.

We also help prospective clients to obtain substantial cost saving benefits by reducing litigation expenses. One way this occurs is when we redirect or shut down certain legal strategies that are not needed, or would be counter-prod- uctive to resolving the relational problem. Another way is through litigation strategies that redistribute costs to the other party either by sharing the costs, appropriating expenses to them to disprove their false allegations; and when winning motions with costs.
It may seem reasonable to assume that retaining a parental alienation consultant would only add to the cost of litigation support but when understanding the holistic puzzle of these cases clients actually come out far ahead in terms of saving money. Every client that comes to us for help, has a financial reality that cannot be ignored it would also be foolish to start something you can't finish because you can't find the finish line. To use an analogy there are homes that are broken down and in need of repair, they call them money pits, right ? Well a broken relationship dependent on legal professionals is like a money pit that has no bottom. Every case we take has the foundation for a litigation strategy that tries to fit within your budget. If the other side has a financial advantage in fighting with you, or if they are determined to try and run you out of money, you need to counter-balance that risk with the consulting services we provide.

By rejecting these counter-productive legal strategies
the client will be saving thousands if not tens of thousands
of dollars, to say nothing of the time lost pursuing them.

Upon being retained we will review the forensic facts of the case. We will talk to your lawyer about strategy and discuss the collaborative terms of working together to best assist you. If your lawyer is unwilling to work with us in a collaborative way, then we will provide you with recommendations on what we need to do next.

For Clients Without Lawyers

Many clients have no funds to retain a lawyer but they still want to get the best advise they can on how to manage parental alienation and a spouse that they believe is alienating the child(ren).

Some prospective clients are not even sure what parental alienation is all about. They're just discovering it on the internet, and trying to understand if this is what's happening to their child(ren).

There are clients who are near to giving up, who have relatives or a new spouse trying desperately to help them at one last chance to get the help they need before giving up. Many of these clients have lost all their money in previous litigation battles that achieved nothing. I understand their suffering and loss.

Some clients seeking us out for assistance have the heart of a lion and will never give up fighting, but they have spent through all or most of their funds. Many have worked with professionals that provided some service (e.g. Mental health professional, parenting coordinator, mediator, etc), only to experience how ineffective, or unqualified they were because they were not trained to understand parental alienation.

There are clients that also have adult children who are severely alienated and beyond the courts authority to intervene. Some of them are curious to know if we can help them. Some want to find out if they're ever going to hear from their children again. A lot of them have lost all contact with their children.

Even prospective clients in these situations can do something that has a chance to repair the broken bonds and reunify with their children. It is only very recently that a great deal has been learned about what has been working to repair these relational problems.

This discovery is the labor of many social scientists who are publishing data on studies and papers in journals to give new hope. If a prospective client contacts us we can discuss this with them and offer consulting services, even with pro se litigants.

We can assist pro se litigants with guidance on how to
obtain legal intervention to support a therapeutic intervention.
Once again, everything starts with a free consultation.

If at anytime someone has a lawyer that they are discontented with we can and will assist you in finding a replacement lawyer. Part of the job we do is finding a replacement lawyer and in cases involving parent-child relational problems & high conflict it would be best for the client to let the parental alienation consultant interview and find a lawyer that they can work with in a collaborative way. Many times we already know a local lawyer we have worked with in the past who likes working with us, who also has a proven expertise. This will reduce legal expenses beyond your expectation.

Client's should allow us to find them a lawyer through a pre-screening interview process. During the interviews that we have with lawyers, we discuss the important issues in your case; we fax the lawyer a copy of the relevant documentation; we discuss retainer issues and we negotiate on your behalf to get the lowest possible up front retainer. Everything we do, helps you in finding a lawyer with the right degree of expertise. Equally important, we guarantee that your lawyer and I will be able to work together in a collaborative way. Retaining a new lawyer any other way, is a prescription for failure.

Let your parental alienation consultant find you a lawyer.

Lastly, a number of clients we work with are advised not to race to court. Sometimes it is better to first try and build the case, capture and organize the evidence towards a future date in court when the timing is better. The client may need to modify his or her behaviour so a new baseline for this behaviour would take time to document. How a client needs to change in their behaviour requires some patience before filing a motion in court. We need to advise the client what to do, and what not to do.

Other times it is helpful to wait because while a case is being restructured the client may be better able to save funds to retain a new lawyer when it becomes most necessary. Using litigation dollars wisely is something that even wealthy clients appreciate; thinking of being thrifty or economical is not the norm for professional services but its the norm for us. If we can do things better and less costly for a client, that's what we do.

Mental Health Consulting Services

One aspect of every case that needs to be well thought through is selecting a mental health professional to assist. At some point, your case will require the services of a psychological evaluator; and, or a therapist for counseling.

Many cases we become involved in have a mental health professional that is presently involved with the family members, or with the child, or has in some cases become court appointed. In reviewing their capacity to help the client we may be of the opinion that the professional involved in not really the best professional to assist. We may have the opinion that this person is likely to do more harm than good. (e.g. There is significant social science research validating that in cases of parental alienation, many therapeutic approaches are not only ineffective, they make matters worse). One of the more challenging roles for us is helping to switch professionals and that also requires great skill in overcoming this situation.

Although very few mental health professionals understand the continuum that ranges from an affinity for a parent on one end, to parental alienation and estrangement on the other end, there are accredited and well trained mental health professionals that can assist the client. For the rest, who are not trained we provide services to assist. Some of our services include :

1. Providing social science research in making a differential diagnosis.

2. Providing the names of other doctors that can act as case management supervisors to assist in the treatment plan.

3. Providing information on educational courses for accreditation.

4. Providing various educational products that can be used in their clinical practice.

5. Offer consulting services to assist in clinical and ethical areas of practice.

Non-Experts (e.g. family law lawyers ) should not be making
final decisions in the selection of a mental health professional for an
evaluation or for treatment in cases of parental alienation.
This is outside their area of expertise.

Mental health professionals should contact us for more information on the services we provide because some services being offered are at no charge!

The Controversy of Parental Alienation

Many lawyers make assumptions when they hear a client asking them about the need for a parental alienation consultant. Let me explain that consulting in parental alienation is so new and such a narrow sub speciality of litigation support that a majority of family law lawyers do not even know what we do!

The first thing lawyers assume is that an expert/consultant is someone that will help them in court with testimony. That is an erroneous assumption and for this reason a majority of lawyers will say things like :

1. We don't need an expert now, not until a trial or a hearing comes along. I will consider it but not now.

2. Well parental alienation is very difficult to get a judge to recognize. Lets try to handle your problem without having to use this consultant.

3. You will only spend more money on your case using an expert is that really what you want.

Making matters even more complex, lawyers jump to assumptions that what we want to do is prove parental alienation when in fact that is not true. That is not a valid statement of how we achieve results needed in repairing these parent-child relational problems. Far to many clients have lost the opportunity to get the help they needed from us because they let their lawyer do the thinking for them rather than make the decision for themselves to retain us.

Only a free consultation with us will help a client to understand
the decision-making process for retaining our services.

There is also controversy over the term Parental Alienation Syndrome (P.A.S.) Some are promulgating that PAS is a discredited term because it's not in the DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). This is a distortion. DSM is a publication that comes out once every 15 or 20 years and when P.AS.was first identified it was to early to make the last edition.

It is however now in consideration by the American Psychiatric Association for the upcoming edition of DSM -5 in 2013. As a member of the Parental Alienation Study Group (PASG), I know parental alienation is being strongly considered by the task force members of the APA for inclusion in DSM- 5 as an example of a relational problem.

In addtion, the ICD-11 (International Centre of Diseases) is also likely in 2014 to include parental alienation as a relational problem in its next edition.

Contact us for more information on this.

There are also many organizations and groups today ... that are divided and very polarized on the issue of parental alienation. Some are disenfranchised parents who have lost custody either because they were alienated parents that did not win their case in court and now belong to the movements for greater rights and social equity, others are parents who lost custody as parental alienators and only have an interest in smearing the education and acceptance of parental alienation. Also, there are political organizations taking sides on this controversy.

Even a few very famous celebrities have had cases in the press. (Alec Baldwin is one person who is outspoken about parental alienation. Another is a basketball player named Dwayne Wade who successfully won a case of parental alienation). Many other notable cases make headlines in newspapers every day. Although this controversy is likely to become less controversial as it becomes integrated into the consciousness of people attending mandatory divorce education programs, or by discovering its acceptance in professional associations, or when becoming a more aware of its international acceptance, then the debate will subside.

Until then we caution people to not believe everything they read or hear about on the internet. A majority of these opinions are unscientific and aimed at serving the agenda of a few fanatics.

Parental Alienation Consultant:
Expert in Parent-Child Relational Problems. Services are provided to family law lawyers,
mental health professionals, mandatory state providers of divorce education programs and to parents.

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